Who We Are


Conner Allen and Walt Horton taught themselves how to fly fish at 13 years old and have both had the bug ever since. They learned through youTube and casting in their front yards, realizing how much more fun they had in the outdoors than their friends playing video games at home. They developed a passion to not only master fly fishing, but to give other kids the tools to have same experience that has continued to shape their lives. The two friends have fly fished with some of the best in the world, from legendary Pat Dorsey in Colorado, to professional fly casting instructors. Walt is now attending The University of Texas at Austin as an Economics major and the Vice President of the Trout Unlimited club while Conner attends Texas A&M University where he studies Agriculture Leadership.

Blue Valley Fly Fishing Camp was the best way for Conner and Walt to share their experiences with other kids. They understood fly fishing as one of the most powerful gateways to a genuine love for the outdoors and discovered a way to teach their passion to others. The summer of their high school freshman year the first camp term opened and filled up with 8 kids. For 6 summers Blue Valley has steadily grown and will have 9 terms in two cities for the 2020 summer. Conner is now running the Dallas camp while Walt will stay in Austin.

Conner Allen (Texas A&M 22')

DALLAS: (512) 422-1086

Walt Horton (University of Texas 22')
AUSTIN: (512) 971-6720