Largemouth Camp *NEW* (6th-8th Grade)
Largemouth Camp *NEW* (6th-8th Grade)
Largemouth Camp *NEW* (6th-8th Grade)

Largemouth Camp *NEW* (6th-8th Grade)

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Our newest camp, Largemouth Camp, is designed for Intermediate Anglers looking to improve their skills on the water. On the first day, campers will work to improve their cast through a number of competitions and obstacle courses. The next two days will be guided expeditions through different stretches of Onion Creek in search of Bluegill, Bass, and Catfish. The final day will be a wading adventure to a stretch on the San Gabriel River where campers will get the opportunity to throw big flies to big fish.

Monday [9am-1pm]: Sportsman's Finest (71/Bee Cave)

Tuesday/Wednesday [9am-1pm]: Onion Creek (South/Southwest of Austin)

Thursday [8am-3pm]: San Gabriel River

*All gear provided. Rides provided for Thursday.*

*Transportation pick up/drop off: Randalls on Bee Caves in Westlake.*

*Locations subject to change*

Intermediate Anglers: Attended 2+ Bluegill Camps and/or have fly fishing basics mastered (casting, knot tying, etc.).